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Welcome to Barela Landscaping Materials.   As a family owned and operated business we strive to have the best quality materials at the best prices in town.  We provide landscaping materials for all applications both residential and commercial.  Come in and pickup or we do deliver.



Featured Products

Mixed Soil    

City CompostCity CompostCompost del Rio Grande   

Screened Fill DirtScreened Fill Dirt

Screened Fill Dirt     

Soil ConditionerSoil Conditioner  Soil Conditioner          

Walk-on BarkWalk-on Bark

   Walk-on Bark         

Certified Playground MulchCertified Playground MulchCertified Playground Mulch



Bulk Mixed Soil (Top Soil), Compost - ABCWUA Compost del Rio Grande  and Soil Conditioner, Cow Manure, Bark Mulch, Wood Mulch, Pecan Shells, Certified Playground Mulch, Fill Dirt, Clay, Firewood, etc.  

Delivery is available for all our materials.  


Our Soil Conditioner is now NMDA Compliant to use in Organic gardens. 

Come see us now.  Excellent Soil Conditioner to mix into your existing soil.   Mixed Soil that is ready to plant or get some Walk-on Bark to hold in the moisture.  


Per Cubic Yard

1.  Mixed Soil – Sandy loam, sawdust, old bark mulch, composted manure, grass   $ 28.50

                                        clippings and leaves.

            2.  Compost del Rio Grande - Albuq./Bernalillo Cty Water Utility Authority                                                                             Waste treatment bio-solids & Organic products                                                          32.00

            3.  Soil Conditioner – Old bark mulch, manure, grass clippings and leaves                    24.50                                   NMDA Compliant to use in organic gardens (NOT Certified Organic)                                  

            4.  Processed Dairy Cow Manure – Composted, heat treated, weed free, screened     21.75 

            5.  Walk-on Bark  - Small  1/2'” to 2”                                                                                        29.75           

            6.  Playground Mulch - Certified                                                                                              34.50

            7.  Wood Mulch Mix  - ON SALE                                                                                                 5.00

                 (Approx 25% to 35% gravel, dirt, plastic, and chunks of wood)

            8.   Screened Tree Mulch - 1/2" to 3"                                                                                      25.00

            9.   Fill Dirt – No trash                                                                                                                16.75

           10.  Screened Fill Dirt                                                                                                                 19.75

           11.  Clay – Used for compaction, race tracks, car tracks                                                      31.00

           12.  Screened Clay                                                                                                                      34.00

           13.  Horse Pen Sand                                                                                                                   23.00

           14.  Pecan Shells                                                                                                                         41.75